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CHAT WITH TARIK JEANS and my thoughts on GOALS VISUALIZATION! (s1e02) - YouTube

Episod kedua kini sudahpun dimuatnaik. Saksikan perbualan saya bersama @tarikjeans baru-baru ini dan juga perkongsian saya tentang falsafah "visualisasi matlamat" dengan mereka. (Subtitle BM disediakan)

Terima Kasih kerana sudi menonton like, share, follow atau subscribe ke channel Youtube saya. Next episode pada hari Khamis.

Visited the boys of Tarik Jeans at their brand-new HQ in Aman Suria. Talked about their philosophy of denim, and on how people could find out more about them or how to get their awesome clothes. I also asked them to be my volunteers to my first ever Youtube performance of a card effect. Thanks a lot, guys!

Check out to learn more about them.

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